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Welcome to No Place Like Home Pet Sitting!

When it comes to your fur baby there's No Place Like Home for your pet to be happy while you're away!


To request an overnight stay or drop-in visits, just send me a message in the Contact section. For pet sitting in and around Wexford and Cranberry, there's No Place Like Home!






My name is Heather Kyslinger, and I am the owner of No Place Like Home Pet Sitting. I have been an animal lover all my life, and have worked for 15 years as a veterinary technician and supervisor. I left the veterinary field after losing my sweet 18 yr old cat Priscilla to kidney disease, because I was just too devastated at the time to stay in the field I loved. I went back to school to learn a new career to work with humans as an ultrasound technician, but even though I enjoy working with humans, I just missed being a part of taking care of pets and the owners who love them!


During my time as a vet tech (and since then), I have been asked by many clients to do pet sitting for them due to my knowledge as a vet tech and my strong, caring nature toward all pets. I have always enjoyed caring for pets in their own homes because I find that most pets are more at ease (less anxious or stressed) in their own environment, and are less likely to become ill while their owners are away. As a veterinary technician and as a pet sitter, I have always taken care of other people's furry family members as if they were my own.

I spend my free time taking my Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs Duncan and London for daily walks, on pack hike and to weight pulling competitions. I am always expanding their learning. I work with them to do rally and obedience competitions for AKC titles.


New Client Consultation

The consultation is where you get to know your sitter and your sitter gets to know you and your pets. This usually takes 1 hour for dog clients and 30 minutes for cat clients (give or take), and we'll discuss your pet sitting needs. A key will need to be provided at this visit in order to avoid a separate service charge for picking up the key at a separate visit.

Daily Dog Walking

Daily dog walking is Monday through Friday only for clients when at work. Dogs can be taken either on leash around your neighborhood or have off leash play time/exercise in your fenced in yard for 20 minutes. Service price starts out at $22/walk for a dog that has good leash walking skills. For more information on additional dog pricing and reactive dogs, please contact us for a consultation. 
**Daily Dog Walking service area is smaller than above noted service area. Contact us to find out if you are in the service area.**
Dog Drop-In Visit

A dog Drop-In Visits range from 15, 20 or 30 minute visits for a short walk for dogs and/or playtime, feeding, and/or administering medications, if needed. Will also bring in mail, water house plants, or other small house maintenance needs. Initial service price is for up to 2 dogs, a price estimate will be given at consultation for additional dogs. 

Areas Serviced - Wexford, Warrendale, Marshall Twp, Bradford Woods and partial areas of Cranberry, Economy/Baden, New Sewickley

Click on map icon for a map of service area


Cat Drop-In Visit

A cat Drop-In Visits range from 15, 20 or 25 minute visits for litter box cleaning, playtime, feeding, and/or administering medications, if needed. Will also bring in mail, water house plants, or other small house maintenance needs. Service price is for up to 4 cats, a price estimate will be given at consultation for additional cats. 

Overnight Stay

On an Overnight Stay, your sitter stays overnight in your home with your pet(s) from 9 pm until 7:30 am. Included in this time are walks, feeding, playtime, medication, etc. Service price includes up to 3 dogs or up to 5 cats in the house. Additional daytime visits are required to allow for an afternoon and/or dinner potty break, walk and/or feeding. Owners have the option of one or two daytime visits.

**Puppies less than a year old will incur additional fee given at consultation.**

Add-On Services

During an overnight stay or drop-in visit, any or all add-on services can be done for your pets. Add-on services include nail trim, ear cleaning, and bathing.
Observed Holidays that incur an additional charge are:
Memorial Day

Fourth of July 

Labor Day 



New Year's




“Heather is the first person I call when I know I'm going to be out of town and need someone to watch my fur baby! I love knowing that he is comfortable, happy, and with someone who will love him as if he were her own. When I come home, he's always well cared for and disappointed that it's me coming through the door and not Heather! I highly recommend Heather for your pet care needs!”

— Julie B.





Tel:  412-897-9497


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When sending a message using the Contact Us section below or using the email address above, please allow 24-48 hours for a response to your inquiry. If you have an urgent need for pet care (less than a week away) then please call using the phone number listed above.

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